About Us

About   Us

We are a photo frame design brand from Ningbo, Zhejiang,founded in 2014. Wooden photo frame is our flagship product. Simple, pristine is our design concept. Unique design would create by you and time, we only provide the photo frame with best quality materials which could accompany you for the rest of life.

Wooden, metal, plastic, glass, any kind of photo frame will have their unique texture, touch and sense of time. The traces of the life will be carried by picture frames and photos. 

l Wood, Metal:

Moist wood, luster metal, such a raw material, will be slowly varied by time with photos together. Life, which changes you, will also change the photo frame which carry your memories. We apply the most original design, omit unnecessary designs and remove all unnecessary processing and color. Simple, pristine, only leave the material itself, waiting to be designed by you and time.

l Plastic, Glass

Ambilight, splendid colors, and flashing visual effect under the sun shine. This is the color of energy, the color of youth, and also the color of the frame. We give customers the photo frame with the most vivid colors. You can see the lifelike effects by putting vitality photo into it and set it under the sunshine. Placing it in direct sunlight, during the day time, you can create a rainbow in the room, and at night, you can leave the stars in the room. Putting in the shadows, you can see clean and transparent frame colors, which make the photos purer and holy.

Never design for design is our belief. We will show you the most natural and pristine state of materials. The wood with most basic processing, will give you the feel of nature and life. Slowly and slowly, with time passing by, the photo frame will totally belong to you, changing and designing by you all the time. Just imagine that you have a unique photo frame which different from others in the world, what a fantastic feeling! The photo frame which not only carrying the photos but also you and your family's memory. The joy and vitality of youth, the middle-aged sound and the kindness of elder. Let the photo frame accompany with you, taste the feelings of life with you, and tell the stories of you.

We leave the rest of the design to you, hope that our photo frame can carry the memory of the rest of your life.




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