Frame classification

Wooden class

Use all kinds of wood to make [1], commonly used tongmu, white wood, nanmu and so on. The structure of common decorative wooden frame on the market mainly is the middle inner core is ligneous, the appearance 1-2 centimeters of the gypsum film extrusion, so that it is convenient to paint on the surface of the frame. The colors are mainly gold, silver, black and white.

The main purpose of wooden frame is 2 kinds:

1. Decorative materials such as ceiling decoration materials can be used to walk the edges of the corner wall. Also can wrap wall door window to use.

2. The outer packing of articles, such as the frame of the frame of the painting, and the frame of the mirror, etc., are widely used.

Plastic class

Plastic frame is divided into many kinds, such as PS foaming and PVC, PP and other materials injection molding. It’s an organic matter. The weight is small so that it can be made into a large photo frame for easy portability. PS frame material is a kind of frame material with a film on the surface with PS filling.

This kind of material is light, the toughness is good the strength is slightly poor, easy to break the transport, must be careful to break. PVC, PP material, is one kind of mold forming, this kind of material is light, toughness good strength is better than PS, many styles and craft are PS can not reach, and price also is cheaper than PS. The plastic frame is also gradually changed from a single frame to a one-piece design, which is a one-piece design, which means that it is one, not a picture frame.


Digital class

The digital photo frame is a photo frame showing digital photos rather than paper ones. Digital photography is bound to promote digital photo frames, since less than 35 percent of digital photos are printed worldwide. The digital photo frame is usually inserted directly into the camera’s memory card to display the photo, while more digital photo frames will provide internal storage space for external storage card functions. Digital photo frame is a frame, but it is no longer used in the photos to show, but by a LCD screen display, it can be through the interface to get photos from SD card reader, and set up the cycle shows the way, is more flexible than ordinary photo frame, digital photos of a new exhibition space. [2]


Glass frame is refers to the use of glass in the main body frame, framework is the whole piece of glass after cutting, carving, sanding, trimming, coloured drawing or pattern, polishing various processes, such as the finished colour is gorgeous, elegant, colorful, and practical and creative model into an organic whole, unique and rich emotional appeal. The production process is: design – proofing – sample – fixed sample – cutting – trim edge – carving – (polishing) – coloured drawing or pattern layer – back – quality – the inner packing, outer packing (packing), commonly used float plate glass or man-made crystal glass production, underscores process value.

Aluminum alloy class

The surface color of aluminum alloy frame is the process of electroplating technology, the color is frosted, bright sandblasting, champagne blasting, bright silver.

Crystal class

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standard, the crystal frame is more and more popular with its unique crystal clear, visual effect and so on.

Resin class

Resin frame with resin as the main raw material, is a non – toxic environmental protection chemical raw materials. The finished product has the strength of metal, also known as FRP. In the production, the resin material is liquid, has very good fluidity and easy to take shape, is the only one kind of material which can produce high strength and carved products on the market today.

The surface of resin frame is painted by hand, and the surface is made by hand, pure hand grinding, and so on. The product is European classical style, it is the classic of history, there is a strong humanity atmosphere! Collect modern art and archaize art and one body, suit the place such as sitting room, hotel, office very much, have had adornment effect, still reflect master’s elegant taste.

Like hanging fan

Portraits of people, such as wedding photos, real photos and children’s photos, are fans of the fan, and portrait fans (like fans) are modern imaging technology and ancient.

Old fan art clever harmony, fan rib with natural bamboo as raw material, adopt the ancient Chinese system of fan art into a process with meticulous care, like a fan for the recording industry added a elegant ancient of nostalgia.


PVC photo frame [3] adopts imported environment-friendly plastic raw materials with colorful colors, which can be customized to various plants and animals, cartoon images, and distinct layers. The three-dimensional feeling is strong, which is generally used for advertising promotion!

Plant ecology

The so-called plant ecological picture frame is a creative artifact that USES the magical “space plant” — the air pineapple and the natural rock landscape.

“Fish-fun biotechnology” cleverly USES the growth characteristics of pineapple to combine with traditional handicraft frame to produce a long period lazy person with easy maintenance.

Plant table pet – plant ecological picture frame. Plant ecological picture frame can be placed on the desktop or on the wall. Pure handicraft, overturn the definition of traditional picture frame.

Other materials

The four sides of the metal are all made for aesthetic enhancement.tjhtr (3)/products/metal-photo-frame//products/wooden-photo-frame/

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